Bringing the Youth Voice into Parliament

Young Australians haven’t had a voice in Federal Parliament since the Abbott Government abolished the Minister for Youth in 2013.

With so many issues facing our nation that will dramatically impact the lives of young people both now and in the future, I thought it was time our youth had a platform to raise the issues they care about.

I invite people aged under 25 years who live in the Parramatta Federal electorate to submit a one page speech on a topic they care about. I will present selections in Parliament on behalf of our young people in May and June of this year.

You can write a speech on anything you care about, a youth issue or any matter you think the Federal Government needs to take more seriously - whether on a local, national or international level.  

Your speech may be shared on my social media pages, website or other publications.

It is my pledge to fight for young people on the parliamentary stage. I look forward to reading your speeches and making your voice heard.


* Speeches should be roughly a page and a half, size 14 Arial font, double spaced

Youth Voice in Parliament Submission