Save Medicare

Under the cover of COVID-19, Scott Morrison has snuck out almost 1,000 changes to the Medicare Benefits Schedule, affecting rebates for orthopaedic, cardiac and general surgery items. 

The Australian Medical Association, the Grattan Institute, health funds, the Consumers Health Forum and the Australian Orthopaedic Association have all warned the changes will lead to an increase in out of pocket costs for patients

Scott Morrison’s cuts to Medicare rebates mean that patients have to choose between cancelling life-changing surgeries or being hit with huge bills they were never told about.

The Liberals opposed Medicare when it was introduced and went to four elections promising to dismantle it. Since 2013 they've tried to make you pay more to see a GP and cut billions from Medicare.

We need your help to convince Scott Morrison to abandon these changes.

Add your name if you believe all Australians should be able to access medical treatment regardless of their bank balance.