Parramatta CBD needs the real NBN now

Parramatta is the second CBD, yet parts of Parramatta CBD, Rosehill and Harris Park will not be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) until 2022.

This pretty much makes Parramatta the last on the list.

Meanwhile, while Parramatta waits and waits and waits, the Morrison Government is going to spend $4.5 billion to rebuild the NBN with fibre for 10 million homes and businesses that are already connected.

Finally, the Federal Government has woken up to the fact that fibre is the way to go. But they're still planning to rollout their second-rate NBN to Parramatta, Rosehill, Merrylands and Granville over the next two years.

We don't need them to build, then re-build in Parramatta  - we need the Government to get it right the first time.

Sign this petition to tell the government to get it right the first time and give us the real NBN now.