By Julie Owens MP

17 September 2021


Payroll jobs in Parramatta have fallen by 11.7% since the beginning of lockdown on June 26 - a direct result of 18 months of Morrison Government failures on vaccines, quarantine, and economic supports.


But this isn’t the full story. This data doesn’t capture the impact on self-employed workers or people who are still employed on reduced hours.


The number of people receiving the COVID-19 Disaster Payment paints a clearer picture. 1 in 5 adults in our community - 20.4% - have lost work and are relying on the payment to get by.


This is the highest number of adults receiving the payment anywhere in NSW.


And this doesn’t include business owners relying on grants and JobSaver or thousands of people in our community relying on other unemployment payments like JobSeeker.


I’ve heard from many people struggling to make ends meet and cover food, bills and rent or mortgage repayments after 14 weeks of lockdown with no clear end in sight.


Parramatta’s economic recovery is hostage to the vaccine rollout – a rollout that has left our community behind.


Our first and second dose rates are rising thanks to determined locals chasing down appointments.


But it shouldn’t be this hard when we don’t have any time to waste.


That’s why I’m calling for walk-in vaccination hubs to be set up in the Parramatta CBD and surrounding suburbs. If you think our state and federal governments should stop blaming Western Sydney and start working together to set up walk-in vaccine clinics in Parramatta, visit: