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Sign the petition: Parramatta needs the real NBN now

While Parramatta CBD and surrounds won't get the NBN until 2022, and Merrylands and Granville are still waiting for connection, the Morrison Government is going to spend $4.5 billion to rebuild the NBN with fibre for 10 million homes and businesses that are already connected.

The delay in the CBD rollout gives us the opportunity to convince the government to get it right the first time. Building an inferior version in the Parramatta CBD while upgrading elsewhere is nonsensical. Sign the petition to demand fast, reliable NBN built on fibre in Parramatta now.

Cuts to income support

In the coming weeks we are going to see a drastic reduction in the amount of money flowing to workers and households who have lost work due to COVID-19.  That in turn will reduce the amount of money flowing through our local economy.

If you're receiving an eligible social security payment such as JobSeeker, the Morrison Government will be cutting your $550 'Coronavirus Supplement' top-up by $300 from 25 September. You will continue to receive the top-up at the reduced rate of $250 per fortnight until it's cut-off completely on 31 December. In Parramatta, 17,358 people will be affected and the cuts could rip as much as $5.2 million from the local economy every fortnight - equivalent to 1,996 jobs.

If you're receiving JobKeeper, your payments will be slashed by between $300 and $750 per fortnight from 28 September. Changes to the scheme will see some local businesses and workers lose access completely. 8,483 local businesses and an estimated 32,327 workers in Parramatta are relying on JobKeeper and cuts and changes could cost the local economy as much as $28.7 million per fortnight. 

You can find more information on the cuts to the Coronavirus Supplement here and the changes and cuts to JobKeeper here.

I'm calling on the government to reconsider these cuts to income support, as cutting support too early puts our economy at risk of a longer and deeper recession. If you're concerned about what these cuts will mean for you or your business, please get in touch.

Pension freeze

This month the pension will not be indexed for the first time in almost a quarter of a century. If you're one of the 21,051 pensioners in Parramatta who will be hurt by the freeze and you're worried about what it will mean for your budget, please get in touch. We're calling on the Morrison Government to end the pension freeze now.

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Please get in touch if you're concerned about, or you've been directly affected by any of the issues I talked about today - or any other federal issues.